What type of hospitality staff do I need for my corporate event?

When it comes to events, presentation is everything. The quality of your hospitality staff will directly impact the quality of your event and the reputation of your company. Depending on how well you choose your staff, this can be a very positive or a very negative impact!

Who do I need?

The first step is to work out exactly who you will need to support the event because leaving roles unfilled is a recipe for organisational disaster. 

Most events require front of house staff for meet and greet and waiting staff to serve cocktails and canapes, a sit down meal or all of the above.  You may also need cloakroom staff, promotional staff for a sales-based event such as a trade show and promotional models for effective lead generation if you’re launching a brand or product range. 

If your event is a corporate one, we recommend specialist staff to take care of all the prestigious guests who have made the effort to attend. This might be corporate hostesses in hospitality boxes, VIP lift assistants or models and hostesses for private dinners and parties.

For conference events, you will require specialist staff to cover duties such as passing round the microphone during Q and As, manning the information desk and assisting with literature distribution. 

 Every event is unique, but this is a good overall picture of what type of staff you may need at yours.

Why is good hospitality so important?

Every point of contact that your guest has with your event is an opportunity to promote your brand and services in the best possible light, which is why it’s essential to pick qualified staff who are also highly presentable and personable. 

Our friendly and experienced hospitality teams have worked at some of the highest calibre events including exhibitions, private parties and awards ceremonies held at prestigious locations including Wembley Stadium, Royal Ascot and London Excel. We have also assigned staff to work on smaller, more intimate and boutique events. 

Every job is undertaken with a strict commitment to your needs and desires – our team love their work and are fully dedicated to making sure that your event is a success and the guests have a great experience from start to finish. From the moment that your guests arrive at your event, they will enjoy a warm, welcoming atmosphere where every member of staff adds something extra special without being overbearing. 

Our team at Event Hosts offer a fantastic range of staff to suit your exact requirements, however niche. We pride ourselves on offering the highest calibre of staff at an affordable cost. If you’d like us to take care of your staffing needs and join our ever-growing list of happy customers, contact us today.