Booking Conference Staff

The Stress-Free Guide to booking Conference Staff …

When it comes to hosting a business event or conference, you want it to go without a hitch. Having the right conference staff can really help to make your event run smoothly. However, having inexperienced, or too few staff, may leave a lasting negative impression with your clients and associates.  

With the average conference in the UK having 258 attendees, there can be a lot to consider. So, take a weight off your mind with this quick, easy and stress-free guide to booking your conference staff;  


Know Your Attendees

To ensure your event is a great success, you need the right number of staff to be confident that all of your guests are well looked after. Before booking conference staff, it is essential to have a confident estimate of the number of attendees. From this, the event staffing agency will be able to recommend how many staff your event may need.  

Run Through Your Event Schedule

While many event teams, such as the conference staff at Event Hosts, will be incredibly versatile and will switch seamlessly from one role to the next, it does help the agency to know what your conference will consist of.  

From room monitors to cloakroom assistants, registration and information to people movement, there are lots of roles event staff can help with. You may also require drinks hosts and canape servers. When booking your conference staff, run through the planned schedule of the day. This way, the agency will be able to see where the team can help and whether they need to book specialist staff for particular aspects 

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Consider The Theme

Obviously, the look and feel of your event will instantly set the tone of it. Similarly, you’ll want the event hosts and hostesses to follow suit. At Event Hosts, our conference team will wear professional, corporate business suits as standard. However, if another dress code or, perhaps, company branded attire would be better suited, don’t be afraid to ask.  

Think About Your Must-Haves

Some events will require very specific needs, and event staffing providers will know exactly how to accommodate your requests. So, if you need a bilingual event hostess for your Meet and Greet or perhaps a confident speaker for microphone duties or a knowledgeable expert for literature distribution and lead generation; be as specific as you like.  

At Event Hosts, we handpick your conference staff based on your business needs. Many of our staff are educated to degree level or higher and we also have individuals on the team who possess a very unique set of skills which may be just what your event needs.  

Let The Provider Do The Rest

At Event Hosts, we know how stressful planning conferences can be. By booking Event Hosts for your next conference, you can relax in the knowledge that you will have an exceptional team on hand, perfectly tailored to your needs. Our event managers will ensure that every aspect of your conference is covered by fantastic staff. Consequently, this means you can focus on other duties and enjoying the event itself 

If you’re planning a conference in 2020, then get in touch with Event Hosts to find your ideal conference staff.