promotional staffing at Ice Gaming event 2017

Why you need to use a Promotional Staffing Agency in 2017 …

There’s no denying it modern technology has allowed many businesses to flourish more quickly than they could have without it, but this doesn’t mean that traditional tried-and-tested methods aren’t still relevant in today’s business arena.

Putting your business directly in front of a relevant audience is still a proven way of getting relevant exposure and building your brand in a positive light.

promotional staffing from Event Hosts

Promotional staffing – a case in point.

Hundreds of businesses from a wide variety of different niches promote their services/products to the general public at events across the UK and abroad and still see this as a key area in their yearly marketing calendar.

However, for your business to truly succeed in this arena, it is crucial that you ensure your promotional staffing is both professional and knowledgeable and sourced from a reputable and proven agency.  

Although there are many promotional staffing companies available, not all of them offer true value in the service and staff they provide.

Many of these agencies talk a good job but lack the industry experience and know-how to back it up with the quality of staff they provide.

At Event Hosts we saw a genuine gap in the market for a truly tailored and professional premium event staffing agency that takes the stress out of finding the right people to promote your event, leaving you to focus on the finer details.

And since we formed we have built a strong reputation in the event staffing industry for the quality of our staff and excellence in customer service.


And so far 2017 is proving to be the busiest year yet for our promotional staffing activities …

The Furniture Show in January was the first outing in 2017 for Event Hosts, and saw us providing clients existing and new with a series of promotional staff, including sales assistants and hostesses.

Then the Lamma Show is an annual event catering for the farm services industry, and unveils a number of new inventive products to the industry every year. Again, Event Hosts were proud to be part of the event by supplying a number of reliable and professional event staff to help a variety of businesses connect with their customers in an effective and direct manner.

And we pride ourselves on the diverse range of events and clients in our yearly portfolio.

The notorious ICE Total Gaming event, was a great success for us this year and we even secured bookings for the event being held in 2018.

The London fashion show Pure saw us flourish again, with a series of existing and new clients taking full advantage of our promotional staffing services,  including a number of promotional models demonstrating the latest fashions.

And not forgetting The Spring Fair where, once again, a number of clients benefited from the quality and reliability of our promotional staff.

If you’re currently considering using promotional staffing at your next event, then why not contact Event Hosts today to discuss your requirements in more detail.